Thoughtcrime Bill Goose-steps Through Congress

Monday, December 3. 2007

In the "just when you thought it couldn't get worse" department, "our" government is busily following up the incredibly odious PATRIOT act (an act so misnamed it's the moral equivalent of Hitler calling the Nuremberg laws the LOVETHEMJEWS laws...) with the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act", which basically turns anyone critical of the government into a terrorist -- which means, of course, detention without charges, trial, or reprieve. As shown here, anyone who thinks the Constitution has been subverted -- and this includes everyone from granola-chewing hippies who think Bush is a Nazi to spittle-spewing ultraconservatives who think Bush is a commie -- meets the government's definition of a "political radical", thus proving their point and pegging the irony meter at "Wake me when it's over".

There is a vast difference between breaking the law in the form of non-violent protest, and terrorism. Should you arrest hippies who block the streets or Christians who block abortion clinics? Of course. The whole point of civil disobedience is to be arrested, to show, in essence, that you're serious about what you believe in. Arrest them, make them spend a fun night in the drunk tank, send 'em on their way with a story to tell about how they stood up to the Man and gave 'im what for! That's the American way. However, claiming that such people are terrorists -- even worse, claiming that anyone who merely advocates civil disobedience -- is a terrorist, is such a gross violation of basic liberty that it actually serves to justify genuine violence. MLK Jr said it -- those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable. (Quoting from memory, probably slightly incorrectly. Ask me if I care.)

It is astounding how terrified the government seems to be, or how desperately they're looking for hobgoblins to scare the rest of us with. Since this is a Democrat-sponsored bill, it seems its sole purpose is to make the Dems look "tough on terrorism". This should not be a surprise -- it was the Democrats who, after the OK City attacks, tried to ram through an endless series of bills clamping down on "Militias" and it was Bill Clinton who tried to mandate back doors in all encryption and blamed the bombing on "Right wing radio talk show hosts". Anyone who thinks their civil liberties will be safer with Hilary than with Giuliani is kidding themselves, dangerously.

Fact is, we have a right to advocate criminal action. This was established by the Supreme Court in 1969 in Brandenburg vs. Ohio. If you feel that violence is the only answer, you have the right to say so, to spell out your reasons, and let others read and judge. You do not have the right to act on your ideas, of course, but that's not at issue here. No new laws are needed to punish those who commit criminal acts -- these laws are aimed squarely at those who commit thoughtcrime.

Meaningless Phrases Department

Sunday, August 20. 2006

"Too old to rock-and-roll".

'nuff said.

Whee! I've Got A Stalker!

Thursday, July 13. 2006

I feel so proud. Snif.

Evidently, someone on Wikipedia took objection to my pointing out that the origin of the term 'paddywagon' is disputed, in that while some claim it is due to the fact many cops are Irish, others note that it had more to do with the fact many people hauled off in them were Irish. So I posted this on Wikipedia, w/source, and came back today to find that not only had some anonymous fellow decided to revert that, he arbitrarily tracked down all of my other recent edits and changed them, too, without any comment or criticism.

So I had to go change them back. Hey, I've got nothing better to do with my life.